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The goal of the Miniature Horse Club Europe is to promote the knowledge

about miniature horses through organizing shows, events, competitions,

clinics and educational seminars all over Europe.


The present MHCE first consisted of 2 associations namely the

Miniature Horse Club Europe and the EUSAM. However January 2013

the 2 associations merged to keep the costs low and to provide more

opportunities for their members.


June 20, 2015 the members voted for the splitting up of the club into

2 clubs again, as the former merge was not completed. 100% of

the votes was for splitting up and therefore we are now again a club

that has shows, events, clinics and take care of the promotion of the miniature horse.


Club history:


The MHCEurope was founded in 1999 in Belgium. It was a club for humans and animals and shows were the central point of interest. The first show was in Belgium followed by The Netherlands. Now there are shows in many European countries.


In recent years the quality of Miniature horses has substantially increased as a result of the love for the breed by Miniature Horse people. In Europe with have some of the best Miniature Horse breeders which translates into top quality horses.


With pride we can say that Europe belongs to the top of the World in Miniature Horse breeding.


In 2007 the European Studbook for American Miniature Horses, a.k.a. EUSAM, was founded. The EUSAM registers the American Miniature Horses in Europe and is only available for pure bred American Miniature Horses which are registered at the AMHA (= American Miniature Horses Association).


The EUSAM Studbook was founded in The Netherlands and is approved by the Dutch PVE organization; now it is named I & R


In 2012 an idea was suggested to conflate both associations. Many were member at both associations. Next to that there were 2 boards that needed volunteers. However people are often very busy and have to less time to have a board job next to the fact that they have a hobby. While many tasks of the associations can be arranged as one, and while it offers more opportunities for the members it is decided to merge both associations per January 2013 and thus the present MHCE, Miniature Horse Club Eu started it's existence.


June 20, 2015 the club split up in 2 and the MHCE goes back to Miniature Horse Club Europe, a club for shows in Europe





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